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We are an interactive mobile app development and web solutions provider company dedicated to crafting the intelligent software.

Why we are Special?

100% Passion

An IT company with a glowing record as a mobile app development firm, Consagous is purely people-centered. We are 100% passionate about building exceptional digital solutions for our clients.

Cost-effective Solutions

Our offshore model of mobile app development brings down development costs significantly. With on-site project managers, we bring native understanding to all our clients’ projects while the development is carried out at our HQ in India.

People above all

Our team that comprises of the finest interactive designers, developers and digital strategists has worked extremely hard under an able leadership to establish Consagous as a first-class digital solutions company.

Propositions for our Customers

With a talented team members and project managers and leaders, we excel in providing top-notch award winning solutions. Seeing the clients passionate about their idea makes us excited. We always look for new ways to provide solutions and create a better product.

Awesome Features

Portal Development

However complex the logic is, if it's presented in a simple way, with easy-to-use means of navigation, it will be appreciated by users.

Development Process

Lots of content makes for a great app, but all that content quickly becomes cumbersome and unusable if it isn’t made easily accessible to the users.

Software Testing

Provide as much usability as possible without an Internet connection. This feature has to be balanced, of course, with the issue of data security.

Cross Platform Framework

Designing for Android and/or Apple devices is no longer enough. App developers also need to consider the range of screen sizes between the small ‘compact’ and ‘mini’ phones and the larger tablets.

UI / UX Design

A mobile app that requires a keyboard and/or a mouse to function is missing the point and squandering the value of being mobile. Mobile apps should be intuitively usable, immediate, and put the least amount of load on the users' attention.

Mobile Application Development

Get optimal assistance from the geniuses of app design and development. Optimize smart ways to deal with the customers. Discuss your requirements & hire skilled mobile app developers to build feature-pack apps.









App Mockups

“ The one member who dealt with me at the end did was very quick and catered to my specific needs, without any problems. Good communication and perfect delivery, 10/10. ”

Cecilia Hanif

Owner/CTO / i5marketing

“ Great programmer to work with! Very prompt and very professional. I would use them again. ”

David Gyurits

Regional Sales Manager / Mortgage Alliance

“ GREAT experience with Consagous. Elegant quality work, good communication with a variety of services. I would highly recommend them. ”

Aaron Kotasi

CEO / Kowolar Solutions

“ They’ve done a great job. That’s why I plan on continuing to work with them. ”

Christopher Lang

Co-Founder / Creative Director / Optimize Business Solutions

Our Team

Mahesh Krishna